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Your request

Thank you very much for your request.

We get lots of messages every day through Mails, Linked in, Facebook, What's App etc. from people we don't really know. Unfortunately we have not the time to answer everyone. Therefore we kindly ask you to send us full set of informations, we require in advance. So we can check and will revert, if we see a chance to start working together in the future.

  • Copy of your business card
  • Full Company details 
  • Your Internet Webpage
  • What scrap materials your specialized in 
  • Special request : In case you like to give us a bid on material you have seen from us on Facebook, Internetpage etc. , we need your price offer with full details of delivery  and payment terms.

Pls. send such information by mail to :  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  

Pls. note that we will consider your eMail only, when we get all informations and we will see a chance to work together and also we prefer to sell to companies with own scrap yards and steel mills.

We will never answer eMails like:

  • Good day
  • Hi
  • Need material
  • what can you offer 
  • ......

We are sorry, but we never faced the experience, that any reliable business contact resulted out of it.

 Thanks for your understanding


Hans-Werner Hennes